Saturday, November 29, 2008

052- Meowth

Early (late?) post today, so I don't have to get up tomorrow morning and do it before work. It always kinda bugged me that somehow a Meowth could hit a pokemon and that pokemon would drop money... What kind of economy is this world based upon...? But I suppose that's the least of that world's problems...

I would love to promise you lots of comics tomorrow, but since I have work and Jackie is getting back tomorrow, don't hold your breath. All right, gotta go to bed and such. Peace out!

051- Dugtrio

Simple, yet super effective! Sorry...

Got work today,so probably no Bard, unless I'm really motivated tonight... I'll probably script out the next few pages while I'm there, unless it's really busy. Well, got to go get my stuff together to go to work. Peace out!

Bard IRL 010

10! All right! I have most of the board gaming archetypes present. Oo, and as for Bard and Ned, here's their stats. Bard is a Human Bard. He likes all games. His favorite games currently are Race for the Galaxy and Dominion. He plays Red. Ned Deathsmile is a Human Necromancer. He likes horror/survival games. His favorite games are Last Night on Earth and Arkham Horror. He plays Blue. Peace out!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bard IRL 009

Yay! Number 9. More Ned, and board games! This one took a lot longer, 'cause of all the board game references I had to dig up. Well worth it though. I have like all but 3 of the games pictured in my house...

Next page we get to see the rest of the gaming group! Woot! Peace out!

050- Diglett

Post 50! Huzzah! Diglett using... dig...? I was always confuse dabout some of Diglett's moves, especially some of the newer ones. Sucker Punch? What the heck does a Diglett's arms look like? Obviously they have claws, because it has Scratch attack... But enough of that.

Hope all your Thanksgiving's went well. Mine was okay, I made it all myself. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn... mmmm...

I'm over halfway through Monster. I'll probably do a full review of it on tharealdeal site, like I did one for Gurren Lagann. It may be 70+ episodes but so far it has been fufilling. We'll see what the last half holds in store.

I'll hopefully have something commemrating the 50th post up soon. Like ater today. Til then, peace out!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

049- Venomoth

I guess this is what a signal beam looks like... I think its from Diamond Pearl Gen, but not entirely sure. I do not its not from the original...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you're all having fun today! Peace out!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bard IRL 008

Part 8 introduces Bard's friend, Ned, the Necromancer. Yes it's the same Ned from my old comic, Nazi Assassin League, but redesigned to fit the story better. Ned's awesome... Peace out!

048- Venonat

I'm pretty sure that's what a psybeam looks like....

Bleh, after all those comics yesterday, I'm a little burned out. Think I'm gonna go to the store quickly, then come back and write some reviews. Catch you later! Peace out!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bard IRL 007

Last one for the night. Hopefully I can be this productive tomorrow as well. BTW, that's more or less my cell phone he uses... It's really old... Peace out!

Bard IRL 006

Two in one day! I am a machine!! Well, I feel bad about leaving cliff hangers, and I had the time, so I did this one. Red Mages are awesome. There's obviously some past between these two, but what is it? (I actually don't know myself... Kinda going with the flow on this one...) All will be revealed in good time. Peace out!

Bard IRL 005

Number 5. Just who is that mystery person anyways? Wait and see!

Peace out!

047- Parasect

Ahhh, Parasect. When I was young, and pokemon first came out, I had a Parasect on my main team, mainly for Spore. This was before I knew about EV's and stat caps and the likes. Still, takes me back.

Still feeling tired after this weekend. Maybe I'll work on some Bard or something. Dunno. Still Debating whether or not to get Chrono Trigger. It came out today... It looks good, and I never played it on the SNES. Then again, Christmas is coming up and I need money for gifts and stuff. What to do...? Oh well, while I sort this out, peace out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bard IRL 004

Yay! Page 4! Bard is a crafty one, alright.

046- Paras

Does anyone else think Paras' mushrooms kinda look like power mushrooms from Mario?

Late update. I didn't have time to do it before work. I'm pretty exhausted from this weekend. Oh well.

Been switching between Monster and Rune Soldier, two drastically different shows, both good for what they are. Working on Bard. That's all. Peace out!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bard IRL 003

Part 3 of the on going saga. Panel 3 is my Sin City Parody. Peace out!

045- Vileplume

Working today and tomorrow. There's a pokemon tcg thing starting today, at Hammergirl, in addition to Wed/Thurs. Bard: IRL 2 is up, in case you missed it.

Jackie informed me yesterday that meh is now a word. I'm pretty happy for it, as it is a word I use a lot, especially in IM's. Well I best be getting ready for work. Peace out!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bard IRL 002

Bard's kinda a jerk... But that's partly why I love him so much. Page three is inked, and page four is penciled so expect them up the next few days. Hope you're enjoying so far. Peace out!

044- Gloom

Gloom, the smelly pokemon... That's all I can remember about the anime was it stank.

So Bard in Real Life is up. Seems the initial reaction on Deviant Art is good, so maybe I'll continue. I do have more planned, I just need to map them out and draw it. Plus I like Bard, he's pretty fun to draw and has good personality. Or more like a chaotic neutral personality, ba-dum dum!

All right, I'm out. Peace out!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bard IRL 001

A new comic I made. I had the idea a few days ago and this is the brainchild of it. It's basically about a bard, and dnd and other dorky, stereotypical rpg things. I hope you enjoy it. Peace out!

043- Oddish

Working tomorrow. Been watching a lot of Monster, which is turning out to be pretty good. Gotta go do stuff that I don't wanna... Peace out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

042- Golbat

It's snowing. Bleh.

Stayed up really late last night paint chatting with Jackie. It was a good time. We made Digimon for each other. Yes, we are dorks...

I've caught up on Claymore. By the way, if you are a fan of One Piece, this week's chapter is incredible. One of the funniest things I've read in the series. Naruto and Bleach are in full action mode as well. Tsubasa looks to be wrapping up soon as well. Hitman Reborn had a major twist last week, but this week it started to explain why.

All right, Peace out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

041- Zubat

Zubat is the pre-pre-evolved form of one of my favorite pokemon. I just think Crobat looks sweet, and it amuses me that he has wings for feet.

I might be getting a web designer job. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

Well, I gotta go be productive and stop reading manga... Cursed manga taking up all my free time. Peace out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

040- Wigglytuff

I consider being slapped in the face one of the biggest insults you can get a person. Doubleslap, is just plain mean.

Late update, but the site for Nigel, David and I is up.

Check it out. It's in the starting phases, but progressing nicely, considering a month ago, I only knew the basics of html. Well, that's all for now. Peace out!

Monday, November 17, 2008

039- Jigglypuff

The aftermath of sing.

So, I watched part two of the Death Note movies last night. Without spoilers, it ends better then the books do.

Also, I'm probably going to ask for a transfer to Target. One of the stores is 6 miles from here, which isn't to bad. Plus I need the hours and they probably need the help right now. I don't wanna, but I need money to pay the bills. Even 30 hours a week at minimum wage will suffice. Plus I can do my webcomic stuff at night and website stuff on the weekends. Bleh. Our system is lame. I prefer the barter system....


Okay, I'm going to see what I need to do to get this on the way. Peace out.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

038- Ninetails

Sorry for the late update. I almost said forget about it, but then decided to do it anyways. I figured if I slacked off today, I'd find another reason to slack off tomorrow, etc. It's much better this way. Also, I've been considering changing the Vulpix pic a bit, so maybe I'll do that.

Today was pretty busy at work, then dead. Then a few customers at the end. I'm tired of the bike ride, which is 7.5 miles. So this weekend, I rode 30 miles, to and from work...

I'm probably going to go watch the second Death Note movie now. Peace out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

038- Ninetails...?

Man, I've been counting down the hours to post this guy. I just couldn't help myself.... It came out pretty good, considering I threw this together in less then 4 hours. I'll put the reall Ninetails up either later or tomorrow.

Caught up to the current chapter of FMA. Since all the housemates have gone home, I sarted up HunterXHunter. After that, I'll probably catch up on Black Cat, then D. Grey (Gray?) Man. Work tomorrow, 5-10, then 12-6 Sunday. It's good cause I need the money. Well, Peace out!

037- Vulpix

So I heard there was a new Fullmetal Alchemist Series coming out, and because of that, for the past few nights I have been reading the manga. Let me tell you this, it is drastically different from the show. Wow. Anyways, got some webstuff to do today. Bleh. Peace out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

036- Clefable

Here is a Clefable... from SPAAAAAAACCCCEEEE!!!! If you ever watced the show, you know what I'm talking about....

Got Black Goat of the Woods for Arkham Horror, yesterday. Seems like a decent expansion, and the Cult of a Thousand seems interesting. I'm also looking forward to the Fantasy Flight remakes of Talisman and Cosmic Encounter.

Guess that's it for now. Peace out!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

035- Clefairy

Stuff to do. Peace out!

Monday, November 10, 2008

034- Nidoking

And so ends the Nido-X run... I think I ended on a strong note.

So website just really needs to be put up and its good to go. I got the forum ready today, so that will be ready at launch as well. Mostly bummed around, and thought about some comic stuff to work on. I may be doing the art for some one's comic. He sent me the script which I'm gonna help him with. I'll post anything relevant. That's all for tonight. Peace out!

033- Nidorino

One more day of Nidoran line... Finally....

PLayed a sweet game of Arkham Horror last night. It was against Cthuhlu, and we actually had a very good run. We managed to win by sealing the gates. Luck was definitely on our side, as not even one of our investigators went crazy/were hosptalized.

Notmuch else is goin on. I might post some stuff later, depending on how ambitious I get. Peace out!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

032- Nidoran M

Mirror image! ZOMG! I just couldn't resist....

Well, gotta work tomorrow. Bleh. Watched some more Gurren Lagann with Jackie, as she still hasn't seen it all. Still awesome, no matter how many times I watch it. I'll probably work on the badges for anime club, and maybe post some pictures of them. They are coming out fairly well.

Not much else. If there's any earth shattering nws, I'lll update tomorrow. Peace out!


Here's the caricature I did for my uncle's 60th b-day, which is today, by the way. I think it came out nicely, and apparently, when my aunt saw it, she cried. I'm not sure if that's a good thing....

The website is almost done, I just need to copy and paste some code to make up the various pages. Easy-peasy. We did like, 5 hours worth of work on it today. Such is life. Work tomorrow, then who knows? Peace out!

031- Nidoqueen

Ehhhhhh..... 6:30 AM..... I'll post something later. like, 30% done with Todd and the Overlord 2.

Friday, November 7, 2008

030- Nidorina

30! Woot! I never quite got why they only had one male/female pokemon in the first game...

Have a bunch of stuff to catch up on. I'll probably post some more stuff tomorrow, maybe tonight. Peace out!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cell 1 Team Shot

Was kinda bored so I did a team shot of Cell 1, another comic idea I'm working on. Hope you enjoy. From left to right: Devastation, Elemotion, Captain Blammo, Chibi-Girl, Robotron X1. Peace out!

Todd and the Overlord- My Name Is...

So apparently the website stuff is not getting done today, but as a special treat, here is Todd and the Overlord #1! Hopefully I will be able to do a few more of these as well. Peace out!

029- Nidoran F

Not much to say. Nidorans are kind of dull anyways...

Website stuff today. Got a lot of work to do in little time.

Played some more FF Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fate for the DS with Jackie. It's a good time. I also unlocked the chocobo knight class in FFTA2, which I am excited about. Well that's all. Peace out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

028- Sandslash


So I hope you all voted yesterday. Obama won, which I'm glad for. I just hope he's up to the task now. I'm glad McCain didn't win, mostly because I can't stand Palin... The idea of her being second in command is frightening...

So, FFTA2 is about halfway done. I feel bad, because instead of trying to get the protagonist home, I'm doing other missions instead. I feel like a bad person...

I got Jackie a copy of My Japanese Coach for her DS. It's pretty fun, but makes me realize how little of it I remembered... ;_;

I did a very good job of website stuff. Here's some previews of Cell1 and Todd and the Overlord.

Enjoy! Peace out!

027- Sandshrew

This jsut reminds me of a very one sided dodgeball game.

Website didn't go as planned, the meeting anyways. We'll be meeting Thursday instead. Oh well.

My friend got Fable II, which looks entertaining. I may play some later. Not much to say. Peace out!

Monday, November 3, 2008

026- Raichu

This one just reminds me of when Ash fought Lt. Surge...

More website stuff today. I finished the caricature last night, so that's done! Hopefully we can get something up today and I will show you what I did for the site and such. It's an entertainment site, so it should be fairly good.

Work was pretty boring yesterday. It started out busy, but ended slow. I did get to watch the first 3 episodes of a Korean drama called Goong, or in English Palace. It was pretty funny. I also found out the guy that does the Japanese voice acting for Ussop is also the actor for Ranma, L and Monta from Eyeshield 21! That's what's up now. Peace out!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

025- Pikachu

Pikachu uses Seppuku. It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!
Poor little guy couldn't take it any more, I guess...

So the Halloween Dance was fun. There was a fairly good turn out, despite us showing up late. I was offered another job, which I might have to take. I'm in a sore state for money right now. Though I suppose I'm always in a sore state for money...

The website is looking nice. I'm going to be working on it some more on Monday. I also need to finish up the caricature. And keep up with my freelance stuff. Busy, busy.

Well, Happy 25th comic! I suppose this is the first of many mile markers. Please stay with me for the long haul! Peace out!