Friday, November 28, 2008

050- Diglett

Post 50! Huzzah! Diglett using... dig...? I was always confuse dabout some of Diglett's moves, especially some of the newer ones. Sucker Punch? What the heck does a Diglett's arms look like? Obviously they have claws, because it has Scratch attack... But enough of that.

Hope all your Thanksgiving's went well. Mine was okay, I made it all myself. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn... mmmm...

I'm over halfway through Monster. I'll probably do a full review of it on tharealdeal site, like I did one for Gurren Lagann. It may be 70+ episodes but so far it has been fufilling. We'll see what the last half holds in store.

I'll hopefully have something commemrating the 50th post up soon. Like ater today. Til then, peace out!

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