Monday, December 1, 2008

054- Psyduck

Heck yea, Psyduck! Misty didn't know what she was talking about. He's awesome... Yea... Really... awesome...

Okay, after my previous post, talking about the economy of pokemon being so bad, today I will start out with the main problem in pokemon. As my boss says, "Here's a baby turtle, Timmy, go out and fight tigers." These kids are 10 years old, and they are taking on things like Gyarados and Onix. What responsible adult sees this as a good thing to do? Oh, you need me to travel around the country and find as many of these monsters as I possibly can, for your research? Screw you Professor Oak. Not unless you're giving me a Charizard to start with. Ash Ketchum is just lucky he ended up with two gym leaders to start with. I mean, I'm surprised the kid was even able to get dressed himself, nevermind catch pokemon... Well that's it for now, but there are many other issues with that world. I'll probably continue to rant about them at a later date. Peace out!

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