Friday, February 27, 2009

141- Kabutops

This one is definitely one of the more silly ones I've done...

Week one of banking is complete. And now for a restful weekend. I am still sore from soccer... Bleh. I've been playing a lot of Puzzle Quest, Challenge of Warlords lately. I've had it for a while, but never really played it seriously. I've forgotten most of the plot by now... Oh well...

Hopefully I will finally move the rest of my stuff onto their shelves this weekend. Don't hold your breath though. No One Piece this week, which makes it doubly disappointing, coupled with the lack of Invincible I mentioned yesterday. I was in the comic book store and nothing really struck me as being good enough to warrant spending money on. Even now that I have money to spend, I feel the need to hold out for something better... So I guess those months of being broke taught me how to budget better... Probably not.... Most likely I will spend it on an X Box or a DSi. We'll see how good I well I can curb my spending habits once I have some more moolah. All right, rant over. Peace out!

Edit: Blue Dragon for the DS! ZOMG!

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