Saturday, March 21, 2009

160- Feraligatr

Almost didn't do one today, but then I decided to stop being lazy and get it done. Moving my sister took a long time, but I got pizza out of it, so not too bad. Afterward, I went to a party with some of the people I work with, and it was actually pretty fun. We played wii and I got to sing Eye of the Tiger on a karaoke game. Also, there were many desserts.

Pokemon Platinum comes out next week too. Look forward to it for those that don't have pearl/diamond, or if you really want to get the alternate forms of three pokemon.... I think I'm going to pass and save up for a 360. I'm really itching to get the RE5 special edition, even though I know I'm gonna die all the time. I played through 4, which scared the pants off me, but I heard this one was less shock and awe and more subtle build up. Who knows. It still won't improve my skills in shooters... That's all. Peace out!

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