Sunday, April 19, 2009

185- Sudowoodo

I fear for our species' survival if children are mistaking Sudowoodo's for trees. So the parties are finally over. Geez, I mean, I like my family, but maybe not two whole days worth.... Especially the young kids... They are a handful. I don't ever remember being that loud or rambunctious, but I guess as a kid, you don't realize these things. My aunt's surprise 60th went well. She was surprised with the party, but even more so that my uncle from Virginia drove up to celebrate it. And then today I went to my second cousin's 2nd sbirthday party, which was just a bunch of little kids running around. -_-; That's all. Too tired to think of something clever. Go to Game Trailers to see an awesome Bane and Harley Quinn trailer for Arkham Asylum. Also a new Starcraft II Battle report is getting me pumped. Peace out!

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