Saturday, April 25, 2009

190- Aipom

Backstab! Surprise attack! +1d6 damage! Crit for Lethal damage! ... I'm done now...

Been trying to slowly introduce my parents to board gaming. I started slow, with the easily approachable Sorry Sliders, a relatively new game, but simple enough. A few weeks ago, I showed them Carcasonne, and they enjoyed it enough to play three games in a row. I still have Settlers of Catan and maybe Dominion as their next steps. I think anything heavier would just confuse them at this point. I'm still kicking myself for holding out for the 4th printing of Settlers, as the quality is vastly inferior to the 3rd edition. Sure, the artwork is debatable, but even the general feel of the pieces seems of a lesser quality. Oh well.

In other board game news, Arkham Horror is getting another big box expansion, which I am excited for. Dominion's first expansion is due sometime in June. Also, a realitively new game called Fits, which seems to borrow a lot from Tetris is on my radar.

In video game news, there is Muramasa: Demon Blade for the Wii, which looks gorgeous. Also the new XBox 360 Elite package is very tempting with both Fable 2 and Halo 3. I'm eh about Halo, but getting both has slightly more sway over then RE5. Plus Batman and FF13. I'm defienetly getting one, just whether I'm willing to shell out $400 for it. Although it does come with 2, $60 games, so that's like getting the system for $280, I suppose. Though there are rumors of a new Bundle with GTA4.

I may have prematurely judged Code Geass. I'm just starting the second season, and it was defenintly getitng into a good rythym towards the end of the first. As before I'll save my final comments until I get to the end.

I think that this is a long enough post. I guess I've been forgetting to say stuff, or was to tired or sick, so it's all in today's post. Oh well, peace out!

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