Sunday, June 7, 2009

227- Skarmory

A pokemon pedometer that raises your pokemon while you walk? It's true! So is a new free for all brawl for pokemon on the wii! Wow! A lot of pokemon stuff!

I finalllly started playing Halo 3. I did co-op with Kyle last night, on easy. It was pretty, well easy. We only died once, because we thought we were supposed to jump down to an area that ended up being fatal. So look before you leap. Then I died because Kyle decided to use the hammer right next to me and blew me into the abyss. Or Kyle stabbed me through the back with the energy sword. Are we sensing a trend here...?

Ah well, it is good, but still not my thing. I doubt I will even become a Halo fanatic. I might try some multiplayer later, we'll see. I much prefer Team Fortress 2. Ah well. Peace out!

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