Wednesday, June 10, 2009


No post today. Well, no picture post. Too exhausted from soccer. It was a tie game, but a good one. I'm sore like... something really sore... A sunburn? I dunno. Dominion Intrigue cards have been announced and they all look game changing. Arkham Horror Innsmouth is worth it for the investigators and personal stories, not to mention very difficult Ancient Ones. A good time to be a board gamer. Natal looks pretty sweet, but we'll see if it can hold up. I am glad I got my 360, though I only really play Team Fortress on it. Until Arkham Asylum and FF13 (Wow two different Arkham's in one post). I picked up Fallout 3 for short money but am too tired to play tonight. I liked Obliviion and this seemed like Oblivion with guns. After this is GTA4, maybe. I'll probably pick it up used as well. Well, peace out.

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