Monday, May 11, 2009

205- Forretress

I can only imagine that spikes is like caltrops. So I saw the 15 seconds of Gold/Silver. Not too impressive... The person decided walking in a square for the entire duration of the video would be exciting. I don't speak Japanese, so I couldn't understand what they were saying, but they seemed super excited about the walking. There was a Chikorita following the trainer, a la Pikachu in Yellow, but come on! He's just walking in town. I'd be excited if the lead pokemon in your party followed you. It's not like they couldn't just rip the sprites from Mystery Dungeon.

I got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies today. So far it is amussing, even the language reminds me of my old Lit. classes, but with zombies! Thus it is fun and educational! Well, fun...

Read up to current of Code Breakers. It's not bad, not great. I think I'm gonna watch Soul Eater next, as I read most of the comics, but I heard the show was decent. Can anyone vouch for that?

Well that's all. Peace out!

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