Sunday, May 17, 2009

210- Granbull

A little homage to Punch Out! which is coming out this week. Poor little guy. Maybe he'd win if he had a pink jumpsuit like Lil' Mac. Probably not.

I finally got a 360. I sprung for the elite. It doesn't have the Jasper chip (Which in the store they assured me it did) but I'm not too worried. If it red rings, I'll send it in. Also, in three years, there will probably be releasing the next generation of consoles... I really just need it for Final Fantasy 13, Batman Arkham Asylum, Beyond Good and Evil 2, and maybe Team Fortress 2. It came with Fable 2 and Halo 3, not bad. Plus it looks sleek.

So far I've only played Fable, and it is good, though a few things get to me. One is the pathfinding. Sometimes you can vault over things other times, it won't let you. There is a lot of times where I seem to get caught on invisible walls... The leveling system leaves some to be desired, as the orbs system, while different, it too restrictive. I'd rather have more combos, more spells, etc. I understand they want to try to balance these out with the ranged combat, but still. Next I need a wireless hookup, as I don't have a long enough cable right now.

Been working on a new comic. We'll see when it gets put up. Peace out!

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