Monday, October 20, 2008

013- Weedle

I really like this one too, despite having little love for Weedle. It always seemed kinda useless to me. Even its evolutions were not too great. Beedrill? Come on, Butterfree is so much better.

Got Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 Grimmoire of Something or other.... Seems decent enough. Haven't really gotten into it. Very similar to FFTA for the gba. Except the judge system is a bit less harsh. Graphics are decent, but the combat bugs me a bit as being a tad slow. I wish I could speed up or skip some of the animation scenes for battle. Oh well.

Website is being worked on as welll as a second website for the guy I'm working with. Might be getting some help from another kid, so hopefully I can get this done. Gotta go, Peace out!

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