Monday, October 27, 2008

019- Rattata

Rattata. It's a rat pokemon. Not much to say here. I don't think anyone actually uses this guy, even when he evolves. For me I typically get one to fill out my pokedex, evolve it, then shove it into a box for the rest of its life.

I got the Revoltech Gurren Lagann figure, and it is pretty sweet. One of it's legs has a hard time staying on, but other then that, it's really nice. It also comes with its own Core Drill, I guess for cosplay maybe? I would have liked the wings and a Giga drill, but oh well.

Finally got Death Note #10, to complete the series. We had a used copy laying about, so I picked it up for short money. Jackie got D.N.Angel 3-7 used as well. I want to get back int Hellsing, now that #9 is finally out. Then again, I want to read a lot of stuff...

Well I suppose I will end my post here. Seems like a good place. Peace out!

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