Wednesday, October 29, 2008

022- Fearow

Fearow using Whirlwind. Props to Jackie for the suggestion. Before the pikachu was just lamely sitting on the ground. Now... Just awesome.

So Halloween is coming up. I need to get candy, as I have eaten all of the candy I was supposed to be saving for the kids... That's why you should never buy the type of candy you like to eat... Or just be stronger willed then me.

Special surprise anime showing tomorrow at anime club. I'm psyched. Unless it's another vampire show...

I started watching Eyeshield 21. It is as entertaining as the manga. It's something I can put on and not have to pay too much attaenion to, as I have already read it. That way I can get some work done, and lok up every once in a while.

Puerto Rico arrived today. I punched out all the chits. I am ecited to play a game, soon, I hope. Maybe I can convince the housemates to play this weekend. Well, I'm going to bed. Peace out!

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